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Keystrokes logging
Clipboard scanning
Websites recording
Programs monitoring
Invisible window and process
Invisible in Start Menu & Uninstall List
Screenshots of desktop
Social networks (both sides of chat)
Instant messengers (both sides)
Invisible at Windows startup
Password Protection
Reports delivery via email
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Total Spy is the all-in-one invisible spy software. It records keystrokes (including passwords, emails, chats, documents etc), scans clipboard for changes, monitors web navigation and running applications. Also, it is able to record instant messages and Social network activity, both sides of chat. And finally, it makes screenshots, so you can see what exactly other users are doing. Then it collects all recorded information to secret reports, and sends it to your email.

There are two editions of Total Spy: Standard edition (without Email Delivery function), and Total Spy Remote Edition, which can deliver spy reports to your email address. The big advantage of Remote Edition is that you don't need to have a constant access to computer where the software is installed. You can monitor everything remotely!